The Lantern Watch

Region Timezone Language Size Leader Style Recruitment Last Modified
NA (GMT-5) Eastern Time (US & Canada), Bogota, Lima English 101 - 250 seventhbeacon PvX recruiting 2015-05-31

The Lantern Watch is a Crowfall-first guild, created by members interested in playing Crowfall from every major time zone!  We listed NA and GMT-5 because that's where most of the guild officers are from, but we have a large portion of members in the EU, EST, PST and SEA time zone regions!

While we will be organizing our PvP efforts, we firmly believe that you should be able to choose the play style and character builds you want to play, on the schedule that you're able to play.  Also, while our guild is focused on a group of friendly, social players, we know the game takes a hardcore PvP and Crafting approach.  We will be focused on that, as well as RP and our own rich lore built off of the official Crowfall setting.

We recommend visiting our guild thread in the Crowfall forums first, as we expect our members to be a part of the larger Crowfall community as well, and a CF forum account is required to join.  We also expect a certain degree of activity from our members, whether being active on our forums, Crowfall's forums, or in one of the games we are currently playing to help bring our community closer together (SWTOR, TERA, Epic Duel).  Entry is currently invite-only, but we will be inviting those we interact with in the CF forums and in the games we're playing.

We're a friendly guild whose primary goal is creating a fun environment in which to play the game, for hardcore and casual players alike.  Our only firm rule is the Golden Rule, and we will not actively set out to ruin another player or guild's playing experience, meaning no excessive griefing.  That being said, the game is built around factional warfare, and we will not shy away from a fight or our desire to win in the campaign worlds.

We have over a dozen members taking part in Alpha 1, and even greater numbers in the Alpha and Beta groups that follow.  Even still, we take our vigil in the Long Night ahead, shining our lights in the darkness to guide all the fallen Crows to victory.  Welcome Home.