The Eternal Kingdom Trading Company

Region Timezone Language Size Leader Style Recruitment Last Modified
NA (GMT-6) Central Time (US & Canada), Mexico City English 11 - 25 OTR Crafting recruiting 2015-03-27

Who Are we? Fair question we are a newly formed guild for Crowfall while the guild is new the members are experienced with officers dating back to the days of Daoc Beta, but more so we are The Trade company for all things in Crowfall. 

What are we? Well we are the place to go for all your Trade needs, in campaign and in the Eternal kingdoms, it’s a bold claim we know it, so how are we going to accomplish such a bold goal?
With a vast network of traders working in the city’s thought the Campaigns, craters working in tandem of the traders and mutual understand with the guild leaders of the city’s we inhabit. Not only utilizing our traders and crafters but a understand of global economy and how to move the market by using store rooms and POI’s.
With a network of traders and crafters through the Campaigns come many chances to advance for our players, new positions will arise as new city’s pop up removing the feeling of stagnation while in a guild. 
Structure you ask? We are working with a multilayer structure of top down and democracy to allow players to grow in campaign’s with the guild, the guild will have a solid structure of guild leaders and officers to assist in all things outside and inside of campaigns and a flowing structure inside campaign’s to allow growth. 
The Armed soldiers of decided pvpers will be limited within the guild and we will not be pushing any aggression action as we hope to remain neutral in as many cases as we can. Citizen soldiers will make up the bulk of the defense force used by ETK. Working with city controlling guilds and guilds with accuse to POIs its our goal to only house a small unity of soilders. 

We are looking for Mature players, thought the world to come and grow with us. To help us achieve campaign victories and global domination of the Eternal kingdoms markets. Old, young, newbie and ventern alike can call the ETK home! 

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