Region Timezone Language Size Leader Style Recruitment Last Modified
EU (GMT+1) Brussels, Copenhagen, Madrid, Paris, Rome English 1 - 10 DefeatenOnce PvX recruiting 2015-04-03



Apply at - http://crounix.enjin.com/


HYwzY2S.pngAbout UNIX:

The guild is fresh and completely new.


Our main objective in UNIX is PvP 


Our next focus after PvP is community building events, such has sever wide Holiday parties, Awareness days and more.


Also, we'll still have a focus on PvE. 


To UNIX, maintaining a respectable community filled with awesome members is our priority, we value quality players over quantity to preserve the community of such an awesome game.  


We welcome both experienced MMO players and newcomers. 


Two main factors in UNIX we do not tolerate is Elitism ( If you're pro, that's awesome. But if you're "too pro" to help out your fellow guild mates, you don't belong in UNIX.) and Drama. It keeps the atmosphere of our guild clean.


Our website serves as an informational social site for anything CrowFall related for our members as well, so they are instantly kept up to date on the latest developments of the game. 


Over all, we are a Guild who plans on being very competitive as far as PvP goes, and lax where PvE is concerned. We are also dedicated to 



What kind of players are we looking for:


Social players: I mean of course no guild is complete without the known afk-smoke guy, or mr-know-it-all this is what makes a guild fun and complete.

PvP-players: We don't search for the best of the best. But if u are pvp driven and Ur heart races every time u kill that scrub. Then this might be a guild for you. we are looking for active pvpers that join the ranks on the CrowFall battlefield.

Casual Players:This is not a hardcore driven guild. but that doesn't mean u can't join it. we are actively looking for casual players that don't wanna get stuck on the "U have to be here at that time" mindset.



HYwzY2S.pngOur Rule mindset:






If you really think you're too pro to help out someone new to the game or someone who may not understand the game as well as you do, you most definitely do not belong in Unix and will most likely be warned about your behavior and kicked from the guild if you do not adapt. We encourage new players and want to build a fun community. If you're pro, and a really good player, that's great if you're still willing to be helpful and decent to others.






I get people will have certain players they like to hang out with and play with more than others and that's fine. But when you deliberately start leaving people out and refuse to play with or help your guild mates, that is a problem. Trying to avoid this at all costs, it'll be hard but we'll do our best to keep everyone involved and welcomed. If there are certain people forming cliques and being unhelpful to the rest of the guild members, they essentially are defeating the purpose of being in a guild and have no use for us in Unix. They will most likely be warned and kicked if there are no improvements to reach out to others.






Elitism and posting tie hand in hand. Being a former player myself ( Shamefully), I'm not going to do any of it. because I love the Crow Fall community in general and want to keep a good reputation for the guild. If I do encounter trolls in the guild I'll simply ask them to stop or player on a character not associated with Unix. If they don't comply after being warned, they will be kicked as well. posting is fun at times but honestly, our goal is not to be jerks to each other. There's a difference between joking and being malicious (posting.) After all, remember, there are people behind those computer screens.






Cliques and Elitism Tie hand in hand with Drama. Unix wants a zero tolerance policy for drama for in our opinion it is the fastest way to kill a guild. We understand not everyone will get along in the game, but if members are causing drama in the guild or even in game they will be asked to either sort it out, or stop. If they do not, they will be kicked. We also highly discourage guild relationships for they cause plenty of drama. If you do end up dating someone in game/guild. Keep it to yourselves, for the moment something goes down hill, the guild will usually get involved.





HYwzY2S.pngForum Rules:



I. Before Posting


--Report Bad Posts, Don't Respond to Them (AKA Don't feed the trolls.)

We have a staff of moderators specifically tasked to deal with nonconstructive, offensive, or nonsensical posts, and any post you report will be looked at and dealt with if necessary. We will also delete any responses to that post, for the sake of keeping the conversation on track and understandable - which frequently takes longer than dealing with the original issue.



--Use the Search Feature


When you have a question on a topic, use the Search feature first, most likely your question has already been answered. Posts in which users have clearly NOT performed even a superficial search will be unilaterally deleted, in order to avoid the forum being swamped with countless threads on common topics.



--Be Aware of Sub-Forum Rules and Other Stickies


It's good practice to make sure that you read all stickies before you decide to post in any particular forum section. Your question or topic may already be covered in one of the stickies, and certain forums contain rules that pertain specifically to that section (e.g., Ventari's Corner Guidelines for the Ventari's forum).




II. Thread & Post Content



--Banned Subject Matter: Politics, Religion, Illegal Activity (Including Piracy), Sexually Themed Material (Including Pornography)


Do not post about or link to the above subject matter. Also, please be mindful of your language. Message boards of this nature draw many different kinds of people, and people of different ages – observing these rules are just good common sense and etiquette when dealing with others.



--No posting or Flaming


Flaming is the act of posting messages that are deliberately hostile and insulting. posting is the act of posting messages intended to cause a disruption or provoke other members into hostility. We encourage intelligent discussion and healthy debate, and personal attacks are not warranted in either. If you cannot be respectful to others, then don’t be surprised if those in charge are not respectful of your continued privilege to post.


Side note: The posting of PM's, or other personal information, between users will result in a suspension.



--Do Not Hijack Threads



Thread hijacking is the act of trying to steer a web forum discussion thread off-topic by discussing something unrelated to the subject at hand. This is an intentional act of taking the thread off at a tangent to the original subject matter at hand. Off-topic replies will be deleted.



--No Spamming


To determine whether or not your post can be considered as spam, ask, "does this add to or advance the thread in a constructive way?" If you answer "yes," then you are probably good to go. If it's a "no" then you may want to rethink. Examples of spam posts include: "Yeah!" "lol", "/signed" "^this", or any form of repetition. Responding with images does not constitute as constructive posting, nor are posts which repeat a few words over and over. Posts deemed to be spam will be removed.



--Do not engage in "Quote Wars"


Quote Wars is defined as when a person dissects someone else's post into several quotes and responds to those individually instead of quoting and replying to the entire post as a whole. It's ugly, it's messy, and usually disintegrates into out-of-context replies and flamewars.



--Do not Double Post


Use the EDIT Button . As the edit button will never disappear, you can always go back to edit your last post and add new thoughts. The practice of "bumping" is highly discouraged in these forums. If people wish to respond to your thread, they will add their opinions without the need of repeated spammed "bumps." Repeated "bumping" of a thread will most likely lead to the thread’s deletion instead.



--No Advertising


This rule is pretty much for the usual poster that wishes to advertise their commercial site, or someone else's. Obvious spammers will receive an immediate IP ban.



--No Petitions or Thread Titles Addressing Leadership/Officers.


Petitions online rarely generate good discussion or results. Seeing as "/signed" posts would follow under the No Spamming rule, these are doubly discouraged and will be deleted. Your thread titles should include a brief description of the content of your post and not "@Officer Blank" or something similar.




III. Moderation Actions & Guidelines




--No Public Discussion Over Moderator Activity


If you have questions or concerns over moderators actions - infractions, closed threads, or comments made by our staff - please send a PM to the moderator responsible for the decision, or contact an administrator who will happily explain the situation. Our staff do not have the time to publicly justify their every move, and neither could we reasonably expect them to.


Disrespectful commentary toward our staff will not be tolerated and the public posting of PM's, or other personal information, between a user and moderator (as with anyone else) will result in a suspension.



--Warnings and Infractions


A warning or infraction may or may not be issued for violating any of these guidelines. If warnings are sent, it will be delivered through PM’s or in your Closed Thread. When a user receives an official warning or infraction, the Infractions tab will become visible to the user on their profile page. Warnings constitute as 0 points and infractions constitute as 1 point or more, depending on the severity of the rule violation. If you have a question with the warning or infraction, please contact the moderator responsible for issuing it. You may also contact an administrator if necessary.



--Bans: Temporary and Permanent


When you have accumulated a substantial amount of warnings, you will be temporarily banned for a period at the discretion of the staff. If you break the rules repeatedly you will be permanently banned, no questions, no excuses. However, depending on the severity of violations, disciplinary measures may vary. If we see any member evading a temporary or permanent ban, i.e. creating another account after being banned or posting on another member's account, this account will be permanently banned with the high possibility of affecting the main account as well.