UnNamed Gaming Community

Region Timezone Language Size Leader Style Recruitment Last Modified
NA (GMT-5) Eastern Time (US & Canada), Bogota, Lima English 26 - 50 Bluddwolf PvP (small scale) recruiting 2015-04-12

The UNG is a multi game / multi platform, gaming community.  Although many of us have come together fairly recently (2013), our experience  in building a gaming community spans decades.  The UnNamed Company (Guild Name) is open for mature gamers, and for those that have a varied tastes in games and play styles.  PVP, PVE, Hardcore, Casual, Have a Life other than Gaming, Don't Have a Life other Than Gaming.  We are Open to All

In PVP focused games we like focus on small gang PVP, with tight knit and well organized players, accustomed to using VOIP and learning to work together.  Many of our members have RL military experience and we bring that disciline, focus and camaraderie to our gaming.  Most of all, we like to kick back and have a blast playing together in the games that we enjoy playing.