Region Timezone Language Size Leader Style Recruitment Last Modified
NA (GMT-5) Eastern Time (US & Canada), Bogota, Lima English 51 - 100 Bridger, Nyt, Grey PvX recruiting 2015-04-13

A Summary:

Gaming communities allow for large scale organization due to the size of the group of players working towards a collective effort, at a level of efficiency and productivity unmatched by smaller guilds and clans. Within a group of players, each has particular roles fulfilling and satisfying a variety of demands in the given game. This proves challenging for community organizers and developers alike, with regard to how to organize and manage the resources available in the game for a much larger audience. The solution to the developing problem of how to maximize the efficiency of rewards and abilities of players leads to the most basic organization possible, the foundation of communities like our own.

Legacy's focuses on providing the proper environment for philosophers and theorycrafters to have open, intelligent debates and discussions on game-mechanics, play styles and top-level strategies. Together, we apply that information to become the best at competitive content, wherever we choose to play. In light of such a unique philosophy, we designed a unique leadership structure, allowing all members a chance to voice their opinion on all major guild decisions. We strive to avoid the standard cliques and drama of most large guilds, and maintain a helpful, positive, open minded environment, where nobody feels they can not talk to another member based on “social status.” We feel that allowing everyone an equal voice is a great way to establish that environment.

This community has a strong vision to provide the best environment to discuss and implement strategies in large-scale MMOs and shooters. At the same time, the ideas and philosophies that form the basis of this community are fairly simple to understand and implement in practice.

Visit us @ www.legacygg.com to explore and learn more. We look forward to meeting you.