Region Timezone Language Size Leader Style Recruitment Last Modified
EU (GMT+1) Brussels, Copenhagen, Madrid, Paris, Rome English 51 - 100 Caenth PvP (large scale) recruiting 2017-03-24


We are the attackers on your caravans, causing mayhem and murder. We are controlling the resources from the quarries and mines you need to craft your equipment from. We are the skilled crafters you will spend your funds on. We are the refuge and protection from The Hunger that is creeping in on us all. We are laying siege to your castle and crushing your attempts to take ours. We are Caldera!


Our founder, officers and members have acquired a great deal of experience in different MMO's through the past decades. The extensive knowledge we gathered playing these games will be put to good use. We realize that we will make mistakes, but how and what we learn from these mistakes will determine the difference between failure and success.

We are actively seeking members who are able to playtest Crowfall. This restriction in our recruitment process has payed off in a big way since Caldera has shown strength and perseverance throughout all the different testing phases like the Hunger Dome and Siege Perilous. A course we will continue to follow.


We are a determined ‘Murder of Crows’ and we will always work hard, to fulfill our objectives and enjoy our gaming experience together. It’s with this in mind that we always perform to the best of our abilities and will actively encourage others to do the same.

Our victories will be not defined by the actions of the individual, but as Caldera as a whole. Our standpoint is that every member should contribute to the best of their ability, regardless of skill, experience or commitments. We like to ensure our gaming time is as enjoyable as possible. Our rules and guidelines reflect our view on what is morally and socially acceptable behavior.

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