The Eternal Guard

Region Timezone Language Size Leader Style Recruitment Last Modified
NA (GMT-6) Central Time (US & Canada), Mexico City English 11 - 25 Feylan PvP (small scale) recruiting 2015-06-24

We are an MMO-focused online gaming community that strives to be inclusive of many different play styles while maintaining a high standard for the quality of members in our group. 

Our Foundation (the members)
  • Friendly
  • Supportive
  • Mature
  • Community-Minded
Our Structure (the guild branches)
  • Inclusive RP
  • Organized PvP
  • Cooperative PvE
Our Goal
  • Facilitate the fun and enjoyment of gaming!


## insert standard guild blurb about friends and family and fun etc etc...##

No, that's not a placeholder, it's there to make a point - any guild can throw up some bit about being this great group that's one big happy family who plays together and blah blah blah. So what? Yes, we're all that wonderful stuff everyone else claims to be as well. Why would I make all this noise about it? Well, we're also something different from that.

We are not just a guild, we are an online gaming community. I use the word community very specifically, because it means something different than guild or group or any other label that could be put on us. I've been a part of at least a dozen guilds since I started playing MMOs back in 1998 (Ultima Online, pre-trammel!) and while I can say that all of them were full of good people and friends, there is not a single one I can point to that had the same level of community feeling that we have gained here. It means to me that we have established something special that has tied us together and kept us together as a group even during periods of over a year where we have not had a game we all play together - that's not something you find often - many people will drift off and do their own thing or leave to join another group if there isn't constant action. Let me reiterate one more time - this isn't just an online guild, this is an online gaming community!

We are about family and friendship and definitely about having fun gaming! Of course. But we are also a community that stands by each other at all times. In game, we enjoy and promote roleplay without being overbearing; we have "carebears" that have learned to be effective and win in PvP, and we have PvPers who have learned to enjoy the "carebear" side of things as well; some of us are hardcore, some casual gamers - in the end we have someone from almost every end of the gaming spectrum that you can imagine, and we all fit together.

This is what I am proud to call my community, and if you believe you can fit in here, just say hello!

We believe that the members in our community and the structure we create in our game branches achieve our goal, and have been doing so since 2003!