Region Timezone Language Size Leader Style Recruitment Last Modified
NA (GMT-5) Eastern Time (US & Canada), Bogota, Lima English 251 - 500 Tahru PvP (large scale) recruiting 2015-10-12

In the brave world ahead, diversity is the key to success.  As such Serrated will endeavor to provide a healthy mix of passionate PvP players as well as craftsmen and other professions.  Serrated will cater to gamers that have lives to live and will endeavor to keep the game play fun above everything else.   Our members should not feel obligated to play, as our goal is to make our members want to.

Serrated will allow players, recommended 17+, with a mature attitude.  Real world politics, discrimination, and content inappropriate for all sexes will be highly discouraged.


Serrated will be a place to meet new and old friends.  A place where you can have fun and still feel like you made a difference.