Eternal Brotherhood

Region Timezone Language Size Leader Style Recruitment Last Modified
NA (GMT-6) Central Time (US & Canada), Mexico City English 1 - 10 ACarroll PvX recruiting 2015-09-10

Eternal BrotherHood
(PVX and Crafting - NA - EST)


What is the Eternal BrotherHood? We are a brand new guild being formed for Crowfall and other MMOs to come. We would like to form this guild as a group of friends and family(Also known as a brotherhood). The Brotherhood supports all play styles with our main focus on PVP and crafting.


Why Join the BrotherHood? Our guild will be focused on what the members want as a whole. The Brotherhood allows its member to grow and become leaders based on their contributions to the guild.


What does the BrotherHood Offer?


Expectations upon joining? Upon joining members will be expected to follow a few simple rules and guidelines.

  1. As a member of EB we expect all members to maintain a certain level of activity on our site and voice program. We encourage all of our members to be on teamspeak while playing games with EB. This is a social community and teamspeak helps promote that feeling of a brotherhood.

  2. Members of EB are not forced to PVP but must understand that this guild is focusing on PVP and Crafting. When the time comes to defend our name or uphold justice then it is expected that the member attends the event.

  3. During a time of war or combat a member is expected to follow commands given by the officer/s in charge. If you feel someone is not commanding properly or effectively then please bring that to our attention so changes can be made. All issues raised to the guild leader/s are kept anonymous to reduce risk of drama within.

  4. Members must treat each other and those not in the guild with respect and honor. We do not all trash talking in the general channels of a game or in area chat. We want to keep a respectable image and we want people to recognize us by skill not as trolls.


While this is an early post for a game that is far off we will be evaluating all members as trial users until we feel like you are a good fit. We will be doing a 2 week trial period(Subject to change) to start building the guild. If we have problems with this we will address them as needed to better fit the recruitment for the guild.


Among all other things we are here to have fun and be a community!


How to apply? Simply click this link and register for the site.


Teamspeak 3: