Ghosts of War

Region Timezone Language Size Leader Style Recruitment Last Modified
NA (GMT-6) Central Time (US & Canada), Mexico City English 26 - 50 Goros PvP (small scale) invite only 2015-03-04

Founded in 2003 in Shadowbane, GoW has been active with the same core of SB players in mulitple games across multiple genres, all while picking up quality recruits at each stop. 

We are a pvp-centric guild with little tolerance for Faction-Based pvp and we don't consider Arena's to truly be a pvp platform.  We are currently in ArcheAge on the Naima server, killing everyone who has what we want or need and enjoying the heck out of just dominating the uncoordinated forces of the mass recruiting zerg nations which exist on our server.  We always like a good fight and win or lose everyone walks away having fun.


We plan to be a force on release but won't change into a mass recruiting zerg or a house full of scrubs who whine after being beaten in pvp. 

See you in game